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Purchase in Incognito Market

It is very easy to make a purchase in Incognito Market http://incognitehdyxc44c7rstm5lbqoyegkxmt63gk6xvjcvjxn2rqxqntyd.onion, just select the product you are interested in and add it to your shopping cart.

Then make the necessary changes to the order and confirm the purchase

You can leave your wishes and clarifications to the order for the seller of the selected product or do not do so and proceed to payment without forgetting to fill in the captcha

if you did everything correctly, then as a result You will get to the payment page, where you will receive a secure, specially generated for you bitcoin wallet, which you need to top up with the amount specified in the invoice for your chosen product.

As you can see, Incognito Market http://incognitehdyxc44c7rstm5lbqoyegkxmt63gk6xvjcvjxn2rqxqntyd.onion is extremely easy to use and learn, in order to make a purchase in this store, you do not need to be an advanced programmer, this process will not be difficult even for people far from modern technologies. This concludes our brief overview of Incognito Market and we wish you a successful shopping experience!

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